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Posted Apr 12

Team member needed.

Xugu Investment and technology consultant LTD.
Entire Bay Area Full Time

Hi, we are a startup team that now is recruiting. We have few project on hands, and we are short of hands. Manpower is all we wanted. And we are willing to do this more people-connected team play way than just pay the PROs to get the job done. A startup without a full of souls members would not be a good successful startup. Personally, we just want to make the world better and in the meantime make ourselves finance independently. We believe that if the project or product truly benefits the Users, money will fly to Us without question. For the moment, We are a focus on solving the social problem-related issues that are going to help young people to get socially connected with depth and make social much more easily and well protected, and beyond that, we are going to help protect woman's disadvantage in social activities and prevent crimes against women. And our mission will make everyone linked in the way they have never tried before, and the friendship or social connection will be more protected and more active. Sounds fun huh? This is just one of the project that we are onto. Please contact us for more and join us if you are one of the following skilled people, we are delighted if you are on board, let us make some good changes for the young fellows and make the world better.
With you on board, we believe that we can make the world better.

contact us

1, soft engineers, both front-end, back -end.
2, marketing team player, to help us make the market fly to us fast like a flash.
3, finance specialist, to help us fundraise and make us financially free all the way up to the top.
4, designer, create a beautiful website and Apps is always the goal of us, we want to present, and we want to perform beautifully.
5, self-motived person. If you think you are not skilled but still want to be part of this with us just for the good cause and learn , you are super cool with us , we are offering internship too, you time will be much appreciated, and we go from there, there will always be a place for people who needs to learn and want to spend time to do some good thing for the world.

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